About Budget El Salvador
Why Budget El Salvador is the best choice car rental?
  • Because we are the market leaders in car rental with a history of more than 25 years experience in El Salvador and support at the international level, our track record and solid experience allows us to offer reliability, quality, responsibility and service guarantee.
  • We have the right vehicles to your need, comfort and safety. We have a large fleet of vehicles in new models and recents that offer comfort and safety, whether at work, study or pleasure trip.

  • Contact us:
    PBX (503) 2259-5400
    1-800-65-92-925 FREE from USA and CANADA

What is the name of the local currency in El Salvador?
  • Our local currency in El Salvador is Dollars of the United States of America. USD
What are the requirements to rent a vehicle with us?
  • a) The minimum age is 25 years.
  • b) Tenants between 18 and 24 must apply for inclusion on a charge for minority.
  • c) To present valid driver's license.
  • d) To present valid identity document.
  • e) Present credit card.
  • f) Required deposit guarantee. **
  • g) You can authorize a driver (s) under an additional charge per rental day.
How much is the minimum rental period?
  • The minimum rental is 24 hours.
Where I can make a rental reservation?